How It Works

  1. After accepting the terms and conditions, register for the Taylor Swift Tix program using your Ticketmaster account or create one at the start of registration.
  2. Registration is completed in a few simple steps. We’ll ask you to tell us what city you want to get in line for and provide your mobile number. We’ll only use this number to send important details on your ticket access, once registration has closed.
  3. After your registration is complete, you’ll officially join the line and unlock access to the Taylor Swift Tix portal. The portal will serve as your main destination to participate in boost activities.
  4. Activity boosts will come in all shapes and sizes. When you participate, you may boost your opportunity to unlock ticket access in your selected city. You can participate in boost activities at the start of registration and continue until we lock the line at 12PM ET on November 28.
  5. Once the program closes on November 28, the line locks. We will freeze all boost activities and notify you about important details on ticket access in your selected city.